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Just Snap It!


Just Snap It is your ultimate choice and a perfect addition to any party or event. We provide impeccable service and will cater to your every need! We are detail-oriented and we provide party packages that accommodate your budget.


Here at Just Snap It, no party or event is too big or too small, we will be there to capture life’s best memories! We customize our pictures to give you a personalized experience that everyone will enjoy. Our photo booth is a people magnet and something everyone will enjoy. Your guests will grab a prop and strike a pose! Nothing gets your guests talking, mingling and laughing like our Photo Booth. It’s an instant connector and friend maker and we know how to get the ball rolling. Everyone gets a souvenir of the event as your guests can print, text, email or share photos instantly. To make things even better, the event organizer can get a gallery of all the pictures at the end of the event. It’s an entertainment centerpiece for your party or event that pays the fun forward to your guests.


Every event needs a memorable keepsake and Just Snap It will draw everyone together, capture all the fun and gives them a variety of options for saving that moment forever.

Elena and her daughter Amanda are the owners of Just Snap It Photo Booth. Elena and Amanda have always had a bond that most mother and daughter's only dream of having but as time went by and Amanda grew older, the time they spent together grew slim. They often spoke about opening a business together and how that would allow them to spend more time together. But agreeing on what would fulfill both their passions and also have meaning was hard to find. Elena, having a full time corporate career, was looking to do something fun but not interfere with her 9 – 5 job. Amanda, who enjoys working in the restaurant industry, was working towards her Marketing degree and needed something that wouldn’t interfere with her nights and weekend job. This made them feel that business ownership was not going to happen for them.


Elena and Amanda both had seen some loss in their life and one thing they both agreed on was “Life is a memory, so we need to make them” When Amanda came across the Photo Booth business they both realized this was it, this is what they are here to do. They are going to help people capture their memories to keep for a life time! Elena, having a very outgoing, fun personality and a business woman would be able to speak to clients and uncover their needs and wants. She would be able to attend the events and rally up all the guests to ensure everyone is having a great time. The best part about this for her was most parties and events take place at night and on weekends! Amanda, who was working towards a Marketing career and loves photography, would be able to market their business and be the creative brain of Just Snap It, all while going to school and working at night.


Just like that, Just Snap It was created!



South West Florida


Just Snap It LLC


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